Friday, July 02, 2004

Better Off Dead?
Another pro-war argument down the crapper

As recently as Thursday, White House press secretary Scott McLellan proclaimed, "Saddam Hussein's regime has been removed from power, and the world is better off for that."

Vocal critics such as former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix have been calling bullshit on that for months.

Now Bush's own General Accounting Office is blowing over his house of cards.

The GAO reports, via Knight-Ridder:
In a few key areas - electricity, the judicial system and overall security - the Iraq that America handed back to its residents Monday is worse off than before the war began last year.
Well, gee. Good thing we at least took away their weapons of destruction! Oh, wait...

- Marc
Bush Goes Green
His voice is like money.

Lost in Bush's economic pep rally today was this statement about energy policy:
We knew that if we were dependent upon foreign sources of energy it would create not only an economic security risk, but a national security risk. And so we proposed ways to increase conservation.
Um, that's not what I remember. I remember him saying this: "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."

Consumption, conservation. What's the diff?

- Marc
Who WahooPundit?
Well, I feel heavy metal...

Google has suddenly begun offering a new spelling correction for "whopundit":
Did you mean: wahoo pundit
Wahoo, indeed.

On a more serious note, jobs growth reports this month didn't keep up with population growth, let alone rampant predictions of 250,000. Bad news for the millions of unemployed, but hopeful news that Bush may soon join their ranks.

- Marc

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Tonight's Download
Quiet is still the new loud

I'm downloading the forthcoming album by Kings of Convenience as we speak. I heard lead single "Misread" on KEXP, and it's fantastic.

But the first song on the album is even better. Called "Homesick," it evokes the finest moments of Simon and Garfunkel. All acoustic guitars and vocal harmony, it's a sound few bands really try to emulate anymore, as it leaves one's melodies and lyrics dangerously exposed. But what lyrics! Here's my transcription. Savor them, and look for the record, Riot on an Empty Street, when it hits record stores at the end of the month.

Kings of Convenience

I'll lose some sales
And my boss won't be happy
But I can't stop listening to the sound
Of two soft voices
Blended in perfection
From the reels of this record that I found
Every day there's a boy in the mirror
Asking me, "What are you doing here?"
Finding all my previous motives
Growing increasingly unclear
I've traveled far
And I burned all the bridges
I believed as soon as I hit land
All the other options held before me
So I'll lose some sales
And my boss won't be happy
But there's only one thing on my mind
Searching boxes underneath the counter
On a chance that on a tape I'd find
A song for someone who needs somewhere
To long for
'Cause I no longer know
Where home is.
Update: Unfortunately, based on my first listen to the mp3s, the rest of the album isn't as good. A pity.

- Marc
The Moonie Times and the Sorcerer of Arkansas
Panbillophobia: The fear that Clinton is everywhere

The Moonie Times on Harry Potter:

Bill Clinton is such a repulsive subject I never thought I would ever write about him again after he was replaced by a man of decency and integrity in the White House. Yet the sight of all those women lining up to buy his book, to get that book autographed by a serial abuser of women, like prostitutes idolizing their abusive pimp, is sadly illustrative of a bizarre truth.


All of that stuff about Hillary being mad, making him sleep on the couch, going to marriage counselors for a year, yada yada, is all made up. They have had a pact for decades: He gets to fool around with women, and she gets to fool around with women (plus the occasional man like Vince Foster).

Yes, she's bisexual.
What does this red-faced rant have to do with a beloved hero of children's literature, you ask? You know what to do: just click here.

(More at Atrios and Campaign Desk.)

- Marc

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

You Can't Hide Your Lying Lies
It's been a long day, and I hate the fucking Eagles

First off, sorry I've been away for a few days. I moved, and the cable guy only today restored my connection. So, sorry.

Secondly, did the Iranians get to Nicholas Kristof, too? He wrote a great series of columns describing that country's political state. Then he returned to domestic politics and, today, wrote something completely nonsensical.

You see, liberals shouldn't call Bush a liar. Bush is a misleader, not a liar, he explains. Here comes the money quote:
Indeed, there's some evidence that Mr. Bush carefully avoids the most blatant lies.
Uh, yeah. I'm glad there's at least "some evidence" a president avoids "blatant lies." Pass the Kool-Aid! (Via Poor Man via Atrios)

In other news, how ugly is Pitchfork's new design? About as ugly as Comic Book Store Guy, one imagines. Here's a scathing critique. (Thanks once again to Steve Gozdecki.)

- Marc

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