Thursday, September 23, 2004

Flipping the Script

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was marvelling at the balls-out, attack-the-strength tactical move on Kerry's Vietnam service? The consensus was that the Swifties were classic Rove, and that it basically left Kerry impotent, with nothing to talk about, since Iraq was clearly Bush's wheel-house. It seems that Rove is not the sole owner and proprietor of this method of strength-attacking, as Kerry's newly energetic campaign illustrates. By focusing on the litany of miscues, misappropriations, and missing WMD, instead of trying to subtly illustrate his mindset (because, sadly, this job interview is no place for explanation, but rather for lobotomized gut-punches), Kerry is trying to adjust the Iraq question. Instead of framing it as "Would Kerry fuck this up?" it's moving to "How could Kerry possibly fuck it up more than Bush?" and then to "Who is more likely to confront and deal with what's actually happening?"

Whopundit sez: Pay Carville whatever he wants. He's worth it!

We're Losing 'Cause We're Winning
Allawi parrots the official spin points

Interim Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi, via the NYT:

They are becoming more deadly because we think they are getting more desperate.
That's speaking of the insurgents, of course. And it would almost make sense -- if the Bush administration hadn't been saying the same thing since the war began. Surely, if increases in violence meant we were close to winning a year ago, we'd have won by now?

I'd like just once for a reporter to note that this talking point has been floating around since March 2003. Find a full history of the 'Failure is Victory' doctrine here and here.

This isn't brain surgery, folks. It's public relations.

- Marc

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bush stays true to his agenda

Robbing the poor to give to the rich, that is.

I can barely muster the proper outrage anymore.

Update: 'Republicans Push Ahead to Extend Tax Cuts'

- Marc

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's a 'Jump to Conclusions' Mat
Everybody else is doing it, why can't Whopundit?

Forget Dan Rather. What if the whole thing was a setup, courtesy of GOP operative Roger Stone?

It is rather suspicious that the White House released copies of the apparently false memos, as George Bush knows better than anyone if the content of the memos was true. Then again, what if the White House wanted the fake memos to get as much attention as possible?

Stone is a Republican who worked on behalf of Al Sharpton in the Democratic primaries. Who can trust a man like that? I'm tired of trying to be rational while the GOP controls the debate. Burn him!

- Marc
The Keyes to Victory
Sing with me, sing for the years

Messages like this are why I love being on Krazy Alan Keyes' mailing list:

1.8 million supporters that is it, that is all we need to win. A big number you say, you bet, but is it doable? Of course, otherwise we wouldn't be asking it of you. If you do the math, it is simple. We have 7,500 committed volunteers in our database right now. If each of those brings in two new supporters by the end of next week, and then all of those get two more the following week, and so on and so forth, we will have 1.8 million in time for Election Day. The 'Minuteman Program' was designed around this winning idea.
Watch out, Obama! Of course, those 7,500 committed volunteers probably include mailing list gawkers like myself. Or didn't I ever tell you I oppose the 17th Amendment?

It gets better: Convert new supporters and win a Keyes 2004 "soundtrack" CD!

- Marc
Still Here
Just wicked busy

Sorry for the lack of postage lately. It's a combination of too much outside work (check this Thrills review) and too many things to be disgusted or flabbergasted or amazed by.

In short: Great speech by Kerry yesterday. Did you hear the New York Times and others have quoted Kerry as saying "Who among does not love Nascar" -- a quote which apparently originated in a column by a stand-up comic? And no one who speaks Spanish could be an evil man.

- Marc

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