Friday, October 01, 2004

Poles Sitting?

Now that Poland is this huge American ally in the War on Terror, how come they weren't invited to the N. Korea anti-nuke talks? I mean, if Japan, Russia, S. Korea and all the rest are at the table, shouldn't we Poland be there? What about POLAND!


UPDATE, Oct. 4: Whopundit has obtained this exclusive excerpt from official White House transcripts:

GB: "What did Kwasniewski do? Even after I stuck up for all those Poles at the debate like that? Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue."

The Post-Debate Debate

Last night's debate was quite a sight to behold, and I think that most viewers agreed that Kerry seemed poised and in possession of massive knowledge of the national security issue (ports, police, first responders, internationalism-Poland-notwithstanding).

But of course, as we all learned in the pre-game, the major story about wouldn't be known until after the debate ended and the post-game chatterers chattered.

Well, now.
From Ryan Lizza in TNR: Rove tries out a line: "It was one of the president's better debate performances and one of Kerry's worst." Vince Morris of The New York Post stares at Rove and asks, "Can you say that with a straight face?"

And, that, you'll be careful to notice, is from the NY Post.


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