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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why Don't You Come Here and Say It To Our Faces

I've been hearing a lot of blather coming from Republican quarters, talking 'bout how they represent the real 'Merica and how the Democrats are just a bunch of pansy-ass Upper West Siders and knock-kneed Hollywood types.

I dare you to come to true-blue Chicago and say that to our faces, ya hayseeds.

I'm So Gonna Kick Your Ass... In Six Months!
Stay Here 'Til Then, 'M 'K?

From Fred Kaplan's invaluable War Stories column, yesterday:
It is no coincidence that the [Falluja] offensive was launched shortly after our own presidential election. Given President George W. Bush's rosy campaign rhetoric about freedom on the march and Vice President Dick Cheney's assurances that things in Iraq were going "surprisingly well," a sudden escalation of the war—especially if heavy casualties, American ones, ensued—might have dimmed their prospects at the polls.

Isn't this a, like, total abuse of power to favor a political impulse? If we needed to go in Falluja, and we did, then why wait and give the shithead insurgents time to plant boobytraps and perfect their ambush plans for when the pawns, oh, excuse me, American soldiers, finally arrive? Why did we wait so long?

A Correction

A WaPo story sez the vaunted/derided youth vote was an even bigger turnout than Whopundit had been led to believe! Go on with your bad self, Jose Antonio Vargas, for this little CW-buster:
"Here's where it gets confusing: Because overall turnout was high, the percent of the youth vote was almost the same as 2000. But percentages can hide as much as they reveal. In figures used by CIRCLE, the youth vote in 2000 made up 16.4 percent of the total, translating to about 16.2 million votes. In 2004, the the youth vote made up 18.4 percent, translating to about 20.9 million votes. That's a jump of 4.6 million, says CIRCLE, and a jump in overall turnout, too. More than 51 percent of citizens ages 18 to 29 voted. In 2000, it was 42.3 percent."

But c'mon, is that really so confusing as to require the after-election pack to feast on young people's continuing alleged apathy, even when they increased turnout and were quite active? Or is this more a case of old journalists sticking to their baby-boom reared instinct that no generation can ever be as politically atuned as theirs?

Young people got out the vote AND voted for Kerry AND saved Latin. What did you ever do?


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