Friday, February 25, 2005

The Question Must Be Asked

An interesting win-win proposal was raised in this week's Jonathan Alter Newsweek column about Miller and Cooper's travails with Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald and the who-finked-Valerie-Plame-and-Joe-Wilson question.

"[Novak] has told CNN that he will walk off the set if he is asked about it."

Now I can't think of one decent reason for a guest not to ask this doddering a-hole this question. You might not get asked back, but aren't they going to cancel this cesspool of a show anyway? Maybe if you ask it really rudely and point your finger (it is Crossfire, after all, and no one will think you especially rude), he might just retire!

Can Sex Ever Be A Part of a Legitimate Story

I've been reading a little more on Gannon/Guckert. Apparently the CW in more legit circles confirms that, in fact, this is no biggie and anyone who thinks about it is probably looking at thinly veiled homophobia.

Maybe I'm weird here, but I still think there's a big difference between men having sex with men, and men having sex with men for money. Isn't Gannon/Guckert's preferential treatment--e.g. his perpetual day pass plan--and his past/present/future as a prostitute at least a little bit interesting? Aren't you curious as to how he came to be involved in GOPUSA/Talon and got such a sweet gig just like that? What if it was as a result of some form of blackmail? What if Gannon/Guckert were more inclined to favor Islamofascism than just good ol' Texas-style fascism? Man, that would have sucked that he has that mid-to-high level White House "connection," eh?

Can sex never be cause for interest in a story without being salacious? What if sex is the motivator of the actors involved in the story, and drives a story about something, but is not a mere distraction? What if George Bush has an affair with another world leader's wife, or another world leader (hey, it worked for Caesar)? And what if this launches us toward a military engagement? Or toward peace? Wouldn't that be interesting?

Here in Chicago, a plugged-in developer got a sweetheart deal in which he pays exactly no taxes or utilities on his rental of a facility based in the city's spanking new Millennium Park (which debuted in 2004). Oh, and he also impregnated one of the officials who approved this sweetheart deal. Isn't that interesting? Wouldn't you like to know how this plugged-in developer came to plug into this official? What if I told you that this developer was a prostitute with no discernable developing experience (which he's not, as far as I know)? Wouldn't that make you, oh, I don't know, even MORE interested in this story even though there's nothing gay about it?

Maybe this isn't a big deal in Washington because everyone there, on both sides of the aisle, 1) is already married to each other, 2) has affairs with everyone else, and 3) hires prostitutes like it's going of style. A former(?) prostitute, now affiliated with a highly partisan faux-news website, and with no discernible writing experience (much less journalistic) gets to sit in the press room everyday and ask highly partisan questions every once in a while. How'd he come to get this sweetheart gig? Beats me.

Golly, now that's a snoozer.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cryin' 'Boo!'

Finally (finally!) conservatives favoritest, hungriest, blondest fascist writer in all the world has something to say about conservatives favoritest, baldest, male prostitute who ever asked the president or one of his employees a blowjob question in a press conference.

Sayeth Ann Coulter:
The heretofore-unknown Jeff Gannon of the heretofore-unknown "Talon News" service was caught red-handed asking friendly questions at a White House press briefing. Now the media is hot on the trail of a gay escort service that Gannon may have run some years ago. Are we supposed to like gay people now, or hate them? Is there a Web site where I can go to and find out how the Democrats want me to feel about gay people on a moment-to-moment basis?

Liberals keep rolling out a scrolling series of attacks on Gannon for their Two Minutes Hate, but all their other charges against him fall apart after three seconds of scrutiny. Gannon's only offense is that he may be gay.

Just goes to show you the crocodile tears these fools are spitting, trying to come up with any way to throw off the scent of this classically juicy Washington scandal (with all elements: power, sex, secrets, denials). Last time I checked, prostitution was still illegal in most of America, regardless of what the orientation of the sex you are having. Or maybe Ann doesn't think that it's such a big deal to prostitute one's self out, provided the payment is in cash.

Ann, we've already established what you are. Now we're just haggling about the price.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Jeff Gannon isn't even gay, and frankly couldn't give two shits. Plenty of straight men have worked as male escorts and have had sex with men for money. The story isn't really even about Jeff Gannon--he's merely the public face of an unanswered question. Who's Jeff's benefactor inside the White House?

Here's a scenario--not outlandish--that could easily explain how Jeff Gannon got those perpetual daily passes: Jeff is hired by WH Staffer X for some conjugal comfort on a cold Washington evening; Jeff, the classic prostitute-with-a-heart of gold has always wanted to be a journalist; depending on their relationship, Jeff blackmails/uses his newfound connections with WH Staffer X to score a gig with GOPUSA outta Texas, using the perpetual day pass system. Networking.

Now this, even, wouldn't be all that big of a deal if the use of the perpetual day pass system was something that other legit journalists were entitled to. But by all accounts, getting a perpetual day pass (for non-prostitute journalists, this usually comes in the form of "permanent press credentials") is quite hard. Plenty of real, live journalists have been denied this access.

Doesn't it seem like a reasonable question to ask who's pulling the strings for a prositute to enable him to sit in the White House press room, ask questions of the president, allegely receive access to feloniously distributed information about CIA operatives, scoop major news organizations on declarations of war, and lord knows what else? Sure seems like it to me. Guess that means I must hate gay people. Damn.


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