Saturday, May 07, 2005

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Funny Ha Ha

marnie: i don't -- i don't know -- it's hard -- i don't know what i would say. it's hard to know.

mitchell: well, if it's not hypothetical then? marnie, i --

marnie: ok, ok, no no no, i mean, you're, i, i'm not, uh, i think, i mean i'm having a great time tonight and i hope we can do this again, but i think, not because of you but for reasons pertaining to, uh, me, think it's not a good idea for me to --

mitchell: ok.

marnie: ...see you romantically at this juncture.

mitchell: no no no, heh, that's fine.

marnie: i'm sorry.

mitchell: no, jeez, don't apologize, because i think you actually handled that very well and i apologize for putting you in a -- an awkward, uh, position, heh, again. you know it's --

marnie: no no no.

mitchell: ...promise it's the last time i'll ask.

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